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The launch of any console is an exciting time as next generation hardware is generally pushing the boundaries of current technology and is designed to keep consoles relevant for years, if not a decade. Because of the way consoles are designed, typically most of the components are custom, which means... Read More
Haggis   November 16, 2013   0   Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 
It's been a long, long wait for Windows Phone 8 users of Skype in terms of wanting to use video messaging but today that wait is finally over. Skype has announced that it has added that much requested feature in the latest 2.10 version of the Windows Phone 8 app, which can be downloaded from the Win... Read More
Haggis   September 04, 2013   0   Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 
Apple has finally enabled secure App Store logins for mobile users, months after the issue was first reported to the consumer electronics giant.

Google researcher Elie Bursztein noticed that Apple's App Store protocols weren't secure back in July 2012, when he reported the issue to Cupertino. The... Read More
Haggis   March 12, 2013   0   Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 
Veteran software outfit Stardock has offered Microsoft an elegant way to escape its Windows 8 Metro Notro dilemma.

With Windows 8, Redmond foisted a new and radical touchscreen-driven user interface on a desktop PC market that was already in a once-in-a-generation slump - and both consumer sales ... Read More
Haggis   March 11, 2013   0   Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 
Facebook is hosting a Windows 8 hackathon at the Facebook HQ this week which will give developers the chance to build social applications on Windows 8 using .NET, HTML5 and JavaScript, and the opportunity to win prizes for the best hacks. Experts from Microsoft and Facebook will be on-hand for quest... Read More
Haggis   November 30, 2012   0   Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 
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